About Us

As therapists, we see on a daily basis the difference our hands can make!  Manual Therapy Foundation was born out of a frustration with our current healthcare situation where people are left to rely on pharmaceutical drugs or simply live with their pain or discomfort in situations where manual therapy can greatly help. Why has this happened?

Manual therapy is not  a “go-to” solution for  the conditions it should be because of many factors, including:

  • Health insurance companies are not redily paying for manual therapy as a treatment option, so the majority of people can not afford this type of care.
  • There is a lack of education for not only doctors, but the general public, to understand the power of manual therapy when it comes to treating pain and other conditions.
  • We more therapists who have proper training to treat a large variety of conditions with predictible results.

How we can help:

Our mission is to provide therapists with resources to receive advanced training in treating pain and conditions such as Lymphedema, and to provide financial assistance to those who desperately need manual therapy to improve their quality of life.  We will work to educate medical professionals and the general public on how manual therapy is used to effectively treat many conditions and the science behind what we do.

We are starting in our local community, but plan on having a nationwide network of providers so that more people can benefit from this type of treatment.