After a car accident in 2014, I suffered from low back pain that became increasingly worse. It got to the point that I was unable to work and I did not want to have surgery.  I always contributed my pain to the disc problems in my back.  What I learned through several session of medical massage was that my muscles were actually causing the pain.  I can still hardly believe that in only 4 or 5 sessions my pain was virtually gone.  I encourage anyone who is in pain to try medical massage before giving up hope.

Janet B.

For over a year I was battling hip pain that was interfering with almost everything in my life!  It bothered me playing golf, sleeping, you name it.  I tried cortisone injections twice, which helped minimally.  I tried physical therapy, which helped some, but the pain came back.  Two sessions of medical massage and my pain was gone, and that was several months ago.  If the pain returns, I know exactly what to do this time!

Ed W.

Nancy, thank you for being so caring with the treatment of lymphedema in my arm.  You explained more to me about my condition than my own doctor did. Now that the swelling is under control, I will continue to wear my compression sleeve.  I have better peace of mind knowing that I can do things to avoid the swelling from getting worse.

Susan A.

I began presenting shoulder pain in February due to an injury of my deltoid muscle. I immediately called Shea to access the injury and perform a massage to alleviate the pain. The pain began to subside after numerous appointments but there was still a radiating pain that seem to be nerve pain. After moving from the area and trying attempts at other therapies, I traveled to visit Shea again. She performed several tests to check for rotator cuff or labrum injuries. After asking a series of questions, she realized the pain was coming from my neck. She performed a medical massage and released the severe tension in my neck. My muscles were so tight they were compressing a nerve. I had not been able to lift my arm from my side up to my ear in months. After Shea’s work, I was able to have full range of motion and no more pain. I am amazed at how good I feel and that I’m able to continue my day-to-day activities as well as work out.

Becca H.